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acoustic design

Audiotechture works with acoustic design. We program aural backdrops and make environmental transformations based on given acoustic conditions. The starting point is sound design, architecture, acoustics and audiology. Audiotechture exploits the positive aspects of sounds and uses them as architectural elements comparable to light and colour. We add and use sounds for structuring and creating character, to profile, enhance expression and to create well-being.

Ongoing & Upcoming



RISE have finalized programming weather station data. We begin translating climate data to sound data.

Winter Events, new sound art project in Slottsskogen with GPS-technology from Dutch art collective Strijbos & Rijswijk finalized. The entire space in front of Björngårdsvillan/Domen art school is set in a winter inspired sound scape. First in a series of a Four seasons project. Now avaliable throung Walk with me app. Avaliable for both IOS and Android.



New hardware for Nääs Fabrik Hotel.

A Davis weather station has been purchased for climate data project. RISE, formely Interaktiva institutet, have begun extracting data for further programing with the aim of converting climate data to music.