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In collaboration with the SDS clinic in Gothenburg Audiotechture participated in an attempt to control the autonomic nervous system with audio in 2009.

     The collaborative experiment was lead by associate professor Gaby Badre, a specialist in neurobiology research, with the first of a series of experiments was aiming to see if sounds could put a person to sleep.

     Audiotechture designed a software that produced a number of predetermined sound types, both natural and artificial, but also musical sounds with definite pitch which was played for the subjects through headphones.

     While the sound was played a large number of data were collected from the test subjects such as pulse, blood pressure, EEG and ECG which were later analyzed by Dr. Badre and his staff of biomedical scientists.

     Of the results one can say that they pointed in a certain direction, but the experiments were too limited in numbers to draw any viable statistical conclusions from and unfortunately the experiment period were cut short prematurely due to inadequate resources.