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Drottning Silvias barn- och ungdomssjukhus

Drottning Silivas barn och ungdomssjukhus is the primary childrens hospital in Gothenburg, where Audiotechture in 2011 was commissioned by Insamlingsstiftelsen för barnsjukhuset (The Fund for Children's Hospitals) to create an audio backdrop for two treatment rooms. The overall goal was to achieve a less threatening hospital environment and at the same time also draw the children's attention in a direction where they would focus less on their pain and more on the immediate surroundings.

     Together with interior designers Bittra Britta Audiotechture furnished two treatment rooms with wildlife as a common theme. The two rooms each have a main character, Jagge the jaguar and Siv the zebra, and the entire interior follow these two themes. Audiotechture's audio backdrop could best be described as two long narrative soundtracks – call it a film without the pictures – based on life as, in this case, a predator and a herbivore.

The rooms were a big success, and since finishing the first two in 2011 another fourteen treatment rooms have been given a similar interior design with themes that cut across land, sea and air, populated by all sorts of animals from elephants and sloth to giant blue whales, and is still today an ongoing project.