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Sahlgrenska Universitessjukhuset is one of the largest hospitals in Sweden and its play therapy is for all children and young people cared for at the hospital; a place where they can play, be creative and relax.

     Here Audiotechture have created a portable “story teller” by installing a mobile sound shower where a number of different audio recordings can be played back. These audio backdrops are designed to create a sanctuary away from the rest of the hospital environment. The narratives are all of different character: from Nordic summer meadows to exotic jungles via underwater soundscapes or pure fantasy creations.

     A similar sound shower has been installed in the BUS-library at Drottning Silvias barn och ungdomssjukhus, filled with sounds designed to provide privacy during reading.

The BUS-library won the 2009 Library of the Year award.

Sahlgrenska universitetssjukhuset