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Gustavsviks upplevelsebad

In 2014 Gustavsviksbadet in Örebro underwent a thorough renovation and was given a completely new scenography signed Jerome Signori. For this new environment Audiotechture created three different audio backdrops, one for each temperament and with different functionalities.

     The sound system is highly advanced with its 32-channel surround in three different stage sets played from loudspeakers on the ground floor, three meters up from the ground and in the ceiling.

     The system is controlled by a proprietary software, Hyperspace, based on a vectorized pan that distributes 32 channels of input to 32 output channels in any speaker configuration. The different scenes run in sync with the lighting design.

Scene 1 The basic sound setting is stationary consisting of frogs, crickets, monkeys, parrots, birds and stylized temple bells working as an audio backdrop covering all corners of the scenography's dilapidated Asian temple ruins.

Scene 2 As a prelude to the wave machine, thunder and lightning appears while sounds of “evil spirits” move down from the mountain in one end of the vast room towards the big pool. Much of the sound focus is concentrated to the loudspeakers in the ceiling amplifying the drama. Gradually the Scene 1 soundscape fades away giving room to the more dramatic sounds of Scene 2.

Scene 3 As the thunderstorm rises, evil spirits grab hold of events in the big pool culminating with the start of the wave machine. At this stage sound and light effects are concentrated to the area around the big pool; the full power of the elements and the wrath of gods reinforced by the sound of distorted electric guitars, brass and timpani leading to a final climax before everything slowly returns to the slumbering jungle around The Lost City ruins from Scene 1.

     The whole loop one hour long and when completed the sequence is then replayed.

In August 2015 Audiotechture was awarded The Red Dot Design Award, one of the most prestigious design awards in the world, for the Gustavsvik aqua park sound design.