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Vildmarkshotellet Kolmården

Vildmarkshotellet (The Wilderness Hotel) is part of Kolmården zoo and in its  African Spa & Relax  Audiotechture created an Egyptian audio backdrop to accompany the bath's interior design in 2008.

     The three installations reinforced the sense of time and space manifested in the scenography at the same time as the placing of the various loudspeakers helped to define the room volume.

     The roof ceiling mounted speakers featured flocks of swallows darting back and forth every now and then. The sound of chirping birds and rapid wing beats lifts the roof of the spa, acoustically and/or figuratively, and creates a simultaneous feeling of being inside and outside at the same time.

     Larger birds were then added placing them on the high steel pillars facing the bay Bråviken.

     In a quieter corner of the vast spa, an imaginary one-day-at- the-banks-of-the-river-Nile was created through a 48 minute long loop covering this time trip although scaled down. Soundwise it covers everything imaginable: the early morning awakening of all wildlife, the hours after when humans arrive in the mix, the mid day stationary heat where almost no sound is heard and everything shelters in the shade, a distant camel caravan in the afternoon, the sound from a nearby bazaar, the evening when larger birds can be heard in the reeds, and finally, into the night when crickets and frogs dominate the soundscape.